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Is it that its fun - or that it lets you forget yourself?


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Birthdate:Nov 16
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Some basics: Canadian, female, awkward at life, heavily involved in fandom (though I usually just lurk...), with a tendency towards typos. I read more fantasy books than are good for me, and I take fictional stuff pretty seriously.

My LJ (as you might've guessed from the banner) is completely friend's locked. It's nothing personal that I won't friend you back! It's because my journal is mostly about RL stuff, or writing that I'm too shy to show other people.

I'm really quite friendly though, and usually willing to chat about fandom stuff. :)

My account, even if it's a bit bare right now. My twitter is @catsneezes, though I am new and awkward at using it. I have a tumblr, named atuin, though I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in it.

Um... Anything else...

Current fandoms: Assassin's Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter (mainly Sirius/Remus), Zelda, 9, Vocaloid, Inception... I dabble in Doctor Who, but that's mostly just watching New!Who.

Guess that's about it!
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